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Social Groups

Social and communication skills your child will need for life.

Social Groups at Playworks are comprised of 2-3 children who are working on similar goals. We get to know each child individually, and then create groupings based on shared interests, temperamental matches, and complementary strengths and weaknesses. In this manner, the social group is custom made for your child, instead of the other way around. We use several programs and curriculums to guide us in evidenced based practice. Once a concept is mastered in a structured setting, we create scenarios that help the child apply the new concept to the real world. 

For example, in the video above, the children had been working on “Thinking with your eyes”, “Body in the group”, and “Making smart guesses” from the Social Thinking Curriculum ( We were also building a new space. The boys in this group had mastered “Making smart guesses” (inferences) in structured activities. They were then tasked with applying this new knowledge to the real world scenario of moving. As a group, they needed to express how they felt about change, figure out how our younger clients might feel, and problem solve how to make the transition easier for everyone in our Playworks community. From using secondary emotion vocabulary, to interpreting facial expressions while communicating, the project elicited several pro-social behaviors! For your child – this means in depth, consistent practice with interpersonal and group communication skills that they will need for the rest of their lives.

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