We help your child reach independence

in their day-to-day skills. 

Special Services offered by the Occupational Therapists at Playworks:

  • Co-treatments with speech therapists

  • Floortime Therapy

  • “How Does Your Engine Run?” Alert Program

  • Zones of Regulation

  • Interactive Metronome®

  • SOS Approach to Feeding©

  • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention

  • Therapeutic Listening®

  • Social skills training/groups

  • Handwriting Without Tears©

  • The Print Tool

  • Independent educational evaluations for local school systems

  • Custom home programs

Additional Trainings completed by the Occupational Therapists at Playworks include:

  • Level I Intensive Mentorship with Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation (Lucy Miller, PhD, OTR)

  • Virginia Certificate of Early Intervention, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Neurodevelopmental Training for Infant

  • Assistive Technology Specialist Certification