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Feeding Therapy

We help your child reach independence

in their day-to-day skills. 

Feeding therapy at Playworks is conducted by occupational therapists and speech therapists. Some children need help with the mechanics of eating – and others are called “picky eaters”.

Many children go through phases of having strong food preferences as they move through developmental milestones. This becomes problematic when the basic nutritional needs cannot be met because the child has limited his repertoire and will not accept new foods. By using the SOS approach to feeding therapy, we work on decreasing anxiety around eating, while challenging children to expand their food repertoire step by step. If you want to learn more about the SOS approach to feeding – check out the website!

Feeding therapy also entails oral-motor work for children who struggle with motor planning or strength and endurance issues. We are trained in the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol for children with hypertonia, children with hypotonia, or children with mixed tone. We combine daily functional activities with clinic work to develop an effective program for each child. Sara Rosenfeld Johnson’s Talk Tools is another treatment methodology we use to increase jaw and lip strength.

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